Legal Matters in Rap

Yo, listen up, I got some legal matters to discuss,

From kosher food to debate agreements, let’s not fuss.

So, what is kosher food according to Jewish law?

It’s dietary rules that Jews follow without a flaw.

The Debate Agreement

Legal guidelines and best practices,

Check out the debate agreement, no need for guesses.

Then there’s the laws view on x-ray mastoid,

What you need to know, don’t be paranoid.

Law & Order UK Series 8

If you’re into legal drama, hip and cool,

Check out Law & Order UK Series 8, that’s the rule.

For legal advice and representation, that’s the key,

Take a look at IRC Legal Services, and you’ll see.

A Short History of Roman Law

For a brief history of Roman law, pay attention,

Check out a short history of Roman law, it’s a worthy mention.

When it comes to California law legal separation,

There’s a lot to learn, so no deprivation.